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Radial Engineering 500 Series WR-8 Workhorse 500 Series, 8-Slot Power Rack

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    The 500 Series WR-8 Workhorse 8-Slot Power Rack from Radial Engineering is the 3-space rack-only portion of the 8-slot Workhorse designed to fit standard 19" rack enclosures. It follows the guidelines set out in the Workhorse open-source document (Whos-Doc). It accommodates the latest Radial modules while being backward compatible with older formats. This means that it will work with all 500 series modules. Regarding the audio performance, unless the WM8 8-Channel Mixer (sold separately) is added, there is no audio circuitry other than connectors. The WR8 will not introduce any color, distortion, or artefact.


    As a power supply and connector platform, the WM8 Mixer (sold separately) employs gold plated 15-pin EDAC card-edge connectors on the inside and nickel-silver Neutrik connectors on the back panel for signal transfer. A convenient set of D-Sub connectors has been added to interface with popular workstations. Each slot is equipped with an auto-resetting fuse to protect the system should a faulty module be employed. A 1600mA external supply provides plenty of current to feed the modules and 48V for phantom power. Adding the WM8 Mixer (sold separately) brings the WR8 up to full Workhorse functionality.

    Like the Workhorse, the WR8 features eight slots to accommodate both Radial modules and other API Lunchbox compatible modules. This Power Rack features a slide-in tray that makes loading modules easy. Rear connections include XLR and ¼" TRS inputs and outputs plus parallel connections via D-Subs. The WR8 features a ‘Feed’ switch that lets you connect modules in series by simply setting the switch to suit. This leaves the other connectors open for mult’ing, parallel processing, and cross patching.

    With this Power Rack, the stereo-ready modules such as compressor-limiters no longer need to have inside traces soldered. A simple ‘Link’ switch performs the connection and lets you revert back to normal without de-soldering. It also features an Omniport, a ¼" TRS connector that enables the manufacturer to assign a special module-specific function to increase functionality.

    The WR8 Power Rack provides extra power to the modules for more headroom with over 1600mA of shared power for the 8 slots. This enables you to use high-power devices like tube preamps with confidence. The external supply makes international travel easy with 100 to 240V compatibility and the use of a standard IEC connector. To keep modules safe, the WR8 is equipped with protective circuitry to prevent mishap should improper connections be made.

    The WR8 is suitable for multi-channel recording. Simply load it with 8 preamps and connect your favorite studio mics and DI boxes. Use the ¼" TRS direct outs on each channel to feed the recorder and the XLR outs to feed the PA system.

    You can pair up 2 Powerpres with Q3 two coil EQs and 2 Komit compressors to create the ultimate stereo channel strip. For imaging and depth, add in a PhazeQ to channel-2 in order to phase align the 2 mic channels.

    You can also rack up the X-Amp Reamper, the EXTC guitar effects router and then pass the signal back into the JDX to simulate a guitar amp. Run it all through the Tank Driver and a real spring reverb for more fun.

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